Movie Review: Pina

Those expecting a film similar to Step Up 3D will get something quite different.

Directed by Wim Wenders comes Pina, a dance documentary celebrating the life of late choreographer Pina Bausch.

Featuring Bausch’s most noted dance pieces in the Tanztheater (dance theatre) style, the film consists of four pieces titled Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring), Cafe Mueller (a cafe in the German town Solingen, where Bausch grew up) ,Kontaktof and Vollmond. Along with these pieces, are short snippets of interviews with her dancers and further dance routines shot around Wuppertal, Germany.

Wenders was originally set to make a documentary on the German choreographer. However, filming was cut short due to her unexpected death in 2009. While Wenders cancelled the production, Bausch’s dancers convinced him to continue shooting anyway.

While some of the routines are slow at times, shooting in 3D has certainly helped make them more appealing.  Adding a whole new dimension to dance, the cinematography of the film is visually stunning.

But don’t expect the documentary to be like mainstream dance film Step Up 3D

Pina is a more artistic take on dance, encouraging the audience to interpret the story behind each routine.



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