Yes, this is about KONY 2012.

Unlike most people, I actually found the KONY 2012 video a bit pervasive.

And it also didn’t help with the fact that everyone was spreading it all over Twitter and Facebook as if the issue of child soldiers wasn’t in front of us all this time.

So that made me question whether or not people TRULY, TRULY cared about the campaign. Were you just doing this because you actually felt compelled to? Or were you just jumping on the bandwagon to make yourself feel good about yourselves?

I would first like to say that I am not against KONY 2012. I just want people to think really carefully about why they are sharing the video.

Child soldiers in Africa is not a new issue and I had trouble understanding why a lot of people on my news feed were caring about this issue all of a sudden when it’s been in front of us all this time. Maybe it’s the power this video had and its social media campaign. But I think it’s so crucial to research beyond something that was made by a non-profit organization.

I have to say that it is impressive how this campaign is uniting people together, but those who say they support this cause should really educate themselves further before jumping on some bandwagon. Because really, how many people watched the whole video or looked up Joseph Kony after watching? I’m sure a lot of people really do care about this but they should really think CRITICALLY about what they are doing.

Sure the cinematography is excellent and the filmmaker’s story is touching, but I found it a bit pervasive coming from a non-profit organization.

I know there is a rush to have Kony arrested in a year, but he’s not the first person and he’s also not the last. I did a review on a documentary on a guy named Joshua Blahyi and he did many, many crimes that were just like his. So why all of a sudden do we care?

I’m not going to point out and say that everyone posting the video, changing their display pictures, buying posters and wearing the bracelets are phony social activists.

I just think a lot of people here are not truly showing their intentions for the campaign. If you truly care, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do further research on this topic before you try and jump on a campaign you have insufficient knowledge about.

For starters you could try here to see both sides of the debate:

Kony 2012: The Invisible Children Advocacy Campaign to Catch Kony

Visible Children

Invisible Children’s response

Visible Children, viewed critically

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