A school year in review

Apologies for being unable to be productive on this blog. I have been really busy at school lately and haven’t been able to keep up with reviews or articles after the Academy Awards season.  You can definitely expect more in the upcoming months as I end school in three weeks!

That being said, I am quite content with my progress this year. Was able to work with video and make a few broadcasts and got published a number times in The Ryerson Free Press and Exclaim! Magazine.

I have also taken a real liking to anything related to film and probably wouldn’t mind being a film reviewer in the near future as a side job. Of course, I would still love to make films whether if it’s for documentaries, screenwriting, directing, and yes, maybe being in front of the camera as well.

A few pieces I am particularly proud of is the review I did for Potted Potter, in which the two stars read and posted on their Facebook page. That was quite rewarding. I am also quite content with the fact that I have gotten a couple of movie reviews published in Exclaim!, as that is probably one of Canada’s more well known publications to get reviews on things like music and movies.

Other than that, I will be catching up on school work for the rest of the upcoming weeks and I hopefully I will get to update this more often!!



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