Movie: Lovers in A Dangerous Time

Lovers in a Dangerous Time is a simple and charming film but falls short in the lack of character and story development.

Shot and filmed in small town Creston, British Columbia, the film stars Mark Hug and May Charters (who also wrote and directed the film) as former childhood friends Todd and Allison.

Todd, the boy who never left town, dreams of buying land to build a house.  Feeling unhappy and unfulfilled with his life, he resents and lives in the shadow of his younger brother Bobby (Mark Wiebe)—a star hockey player.  Allison on the other hand, has a successful career in Toronto as an illustrator. But unsure about what her life holds, she is afraid to face future.

Reuniting at their 10-year high school reunion, the two set out to relive their childhood.  They form a complicated relationship that pressures them to take the next step when Allison finds her childhood home empty and up for sale.  She considers buying it, but the idea only seems like a plan to escape the reality of growing up.  While Todd deals with his jealousy over his brother’s successful life, Allison begins to wonder what she wants to do with her life and career.   Struggling to face the harsh realities of adulthood, the two attempt to cling onto each other but discover their past is more of a burden than a benefit.

(Check out the full review which was published in Exclaim! on April 5, 2012.) 


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