A&C World Profile on blogTO

In the fall semester, I was required to write a place profile for my feature writing class. Having struggled to find a place to profile, my friend Jordan suggested me to try A&C World, a recently opened gaming zone and arcade.

Given the green light to go with the assignment, I was initially very hesitant about getting to know the community inside as I am not particularly well-versed in video games. Thankfully enough, I was welcomed and became friends with a couple of them!

Not only did I profile the arcade, I ended up shadowing Kyle Charizanis, a Super Smash Bros. Melee player. To gamers, he’s known as Idea and his character of choice is Jigglypuff. I initially laughed at his character of choice but it turns out he was pretty awesome.

And funny story: a lot of people from my high school also frequent to A&C…so that’s a pretty small world right there!

Read it on blogTO here: Where video gamers gather in Toronto

And here are some photos I took from the Melee tournament.


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