Fashion Blogs…and why I’ve stopped reading them

I first started being heavily involved in the blogosphere when I came across several fashion blogs showcasing people’s wonderful, personal styles.

But while it was nice to look at beautiful clothing and how they were put together, there was always a twinge of sadness in me.  I was disappointed in myself for not being able to try hard enough in my sartorial choices.  There was no way I could pull off that crazy blouse or pile on that much jewelry. Besides, how would I even be able to afford it all? I had no job, the mall wasn’t particularly close by and who exactly would I be dressing up for?  Considering  that I was in high school at the time (wearing uniform practically 24/7 excluding weekends), I pretty much only bought clothing on sale.

It only started to hit me once I hit university. Out of my suburban Catholic high school in Scarborough, I was thrown into the busy streets of downtown Toronto. The crowd of incredibly stylish human beings was endless. There I was, double-strapping my backpack and wishing/wanting an update on my wardrobe. Taking in more fashion blogs and being surrounded by my favourite stores, I kept falling into a spiral of wanting to buy more just so I could look good for school.

But over the months, I started realizing how vapid the fashion world could be.  Bloggers who I’ve liked started to sell out with their corporate sponsorships, giveaways, free gifts and lack of intelligent writing. Even the lifestyles portrayed online seemed unrealistic. How was it possible for people to afford new and expensive designer clothes and accessories for each blog post?

That’s not saying much for your readers to relate to them. Instead, it sounded more like they were showing off what nice things they had and could afford.

Coming to this realization, I cut down the amount of reading I do on fashion blogs. I’ve decided that I don’t need another distraction in my life to make me succumb to buying more material things.

Since then, I have immersed myself in enjoying more cultural activities such as watching tons of movies, shows and going to concerts. I have even gotten significantly more involved in getting my work published. By distracting myself, I was able to forget about following fashion trends.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I’ll start dressing in mismatched clothes. I’ll only follow what I like and I definitely don’t need to imitate someone else’s clothing.

It’s only up to me to decide what looks good.


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