Recap: Fun. and Miniature Tigers Concert!!

After my drought of not going to a REAL concert, I got the chance to rock out to Fun. and Miniature Tigers when they stopped by in Toronto last Wednesday.

I was very glad I spent a total of $25.50 for the concert as it was well worth it. While I was there to see FUN., I do have to say that their opening act, Miniature Tigers, are becoming my new musical obsession. Not only are they great live, they are also very personable.

With lead singer Charlie Brand saying, “Toronto…I’m starting to have feelings for you. In a more than just friends kind of way,” and then serenading the crowd with a love song, I was absolutely sold. I want to see them again!!

And as for the main attraction, people went a bit wilder and the crowd definitely swayed a lot more.

But despite being pushed around and jumped on, I still had lots of FUN. (pun intended)! Even though I don’t appreciate rude people trying to make me move in an already cramped crowd, I’ll let it slide. The Guvernment was not exactly the most ventilated area. Someone even threw up within my vicinity!!

While I know most of the people there were probably at the concert because of “We Are Young”, my favourite song of Fun.’s will always be “All the Pretty Girls” because it’s just one of those songs I can never get sick of.  Other favourites the band played were: “Walking the Dog”, “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)” and “The Gambler”.

I was pretty sure FUN. would come back and do an encore but they really had the crowd waiting for what seemed like eternity. If they were really leaving, I definitely didn’t feel like I got enough of a show as they didn’t even play my favourite song off the new album: “Some Nights”.

Thankfully, they came back and my wish was granted. The crowd also went nuts.

With the FUN. dubbing Toronto as “The Ront”, I think it’s safe to say that they have quite the appreciation for our city! I’m not a big fan of that nickname as we call it “T. DOT”, “T.O” and pronounce the city like  “Torono”, I’m glad we were special enough to get a nickname.

After the show, my friends Alexa, Bethany and I got to meet Miniature Tigers!!

Charlie asked me what my name was and I said “Samantha”. Not really clear what he got, but he thought I said “Spicy-antha.” Pretty sure he was being cheeky, but now I think I want a name change!

I look kind of creepy fangirl in this picture with Algeron and Rick. But I was just so happy that I’ll let it slide. I do have to say that Rick has an awesome sweater!!

And lastly, here we are with Brandon, who is just so cheerful and adorable. I particularly enjoy his outfit as he is looking “Swaggerific”!

That was an excellent show. I am definitely going to go back to see either band again!

Not only did I get to see a band I’ve been dying to see for a while, I was also able to discover another excellent group.

I’ve started following the members of Miniature Tigers on Instagram and I have to say Charlie is a really talented artist. If you haven’t heard of them, here’s a song that’s been on replay for the past few days.


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