Recap: One Direction concert

WARNING: The following may annoy fellow readers who came here to read movie reviews. I promise I will continue with those in later posts.  So, if you are not a fan of 1D, please proceed and scroll down. 

Considering that One Direction is probably the biggest boy band on the planet at the moment, you could imagine how excited I was to attend their concert at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre!!

In Toronto between May 29 to May 31st, the British fivesome played two sold-out shows that were very much in high demand.  And why wouldn’t they be?  They’re cute, have awesome English accents, sing beautifully, have catchy songs and act like the type of guys you’d like to be friends with.  With their massive following of fans comprised of tween and teenage girls, you could imagine how much screaming went on during the concert.

I for one, am an older Directioner. At 20 years old, I would say that I was a bit more calm at the concert. I still screamed and cheered of course, since I do that at every concert. But since I’m a bit older and past that stage, I think I’ve learned to control my over-excited fangirl nature.

Considering that I’m still on a bit of a high from seeing my favourite band at the moment (no shame in that!), I’ll be reviewing the show in separate sections.


The merchandise was by far the most expensive I have ever seen. With T-shirts selling for $40 -$45 and hoodies for $70, I obviously did not buy either one.  I was honestly considering to buy a mug, but even those cost $25. Not even my Marauder’s Map mug from Universal Studios cost that much! Other than that, posters, wristbands and VIP lanyards went for $15, tour books for $25 and self portraits of the band members for $20.  While I didn’t want to leave empty-handed, I ended up splurging on a plastic cup for $8. Random, I know…but I’ll be putting my huge selection of pens inside.

But seeing that One Direction is probably the first major concert for hundreds of the fans attending, it was nice to see them spending money on their idols.  However, if you would really like to have some official 1D merch, my suggestion would be to buy online as it is cheaper and probably wouldn’t sell out. Even before the concert, merch was quickly running out of good T-shirt sizes and only held size XL.

Opening acts

The opening acts for the 1D concert were Manika and Olly Murs. Manika is a singer from Las Vegas who sings incredibly teeny-bopper pop songs like ‘Good Girls’ and ‘Just Can’t Let You Go.’  While she wasn’t my style of music, I would have to say that she had great energy in her performance. I suppose she was a good addition to the tour to fit the general demographic at the concert.

Olly Murs on the other hand, I quite enjoyed. The runner-up on the sixth series of The X-Factor UK in 2009, he had this type of old-school pop, funk and reggae fusion kind of vibe in his music. His songs were incredibly catchy and I particularly liked his stage presence. He really did take time off from performing songs to talk to the fans.

My favourite songs of his are: Dance With Me Tonight and Tell the World.

One Direction

Naturally when One Direction came out, there was lots of screaming…and by lots, I mean the ear-piercingly loud type of screaming. While I am totally being biased here, I would say that each and every single member of 1D are amazing singers  and gorgeous in person. However, I do wish they would connect with fans a lot more (like shake their hands). The only band member who I consistently saw do that was Mr. Liam Payne, who did it for about 50 per cent of the songs.


That being said, I particularly enjoyed the part of the concert when the band took time to answer their favourite tweets of the day. It was hilarious when they did their impressions of each other. While Liam failed quite badly on imitating Harry, Niall was pretty funny doing Louis’.

I also liked the fact that the band members tried to name famous Canadians when the were asked who they would like to meet. From what I heard, the members wanted to meet Drake and Jim Carrey. Near the end, the band members even brought out a Canadian flag! With Niall wearing a Blue Jays cap, Harry wrapped the Canadian flag around his waist like a skirt.

In terms of songs, my absolute favourites were not the songs on the album, but the covers. I have always loved their covers of Torn and Use Somebody. To hear those live were just the cherry on top.

So before I jump around my experience even more, here are some of my favourite moments captured through my camera lens.

The beautiful hair flip!! 

Overall, seeing One Direction was perfection. But because I am biased, whoever else attended the concert can judge otherwise. While I enjoyed their three costume changes, I love the fact that all of them came out in formal wear at the end.  I even loved the fact that Niall made fun of Liam for not mastering the quick costume change.

Singing ‘I Want’ for their last song, it was definitely a bittersweet ending to a great concert. I feel like I’m sounding incredibly repetitive, but I cannot wait for their Summer 2013 tour!

So as a final thought, I would love to thank my friend Alexa for inviting me to the concert after scoring VIP seats from the pureHMV contest.  While this show sold out in practically 30 seconds, I am so thankful to have been invited because I was nearly not able to go!!

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