Movies I want to see: The Dark Knight Rises and Looper

Because I’ve probably been tweeting way too much over the past couple of days, why not express everything I’ve been feeling through a new blog post?

In terms of movies, this summer and the upcoming fall season is going to truly be an exciting time for movie lovers!  With the highly-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises coming out this Friday and TIFF around the corner, here are two action films I will be checking out.

The Dark Knight Rises

In this long-awaited final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, the film begins eight years after the events of the joker killings. While Gotham City is kept at a state of peace, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is left locked up in his mansion after assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent.  But it’s not long until terror strikes again. As a new terrorist leader Bane (Tom Hardy) begins to take over, the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

I’m mostly excited for this film because of its epic trailer and amazing cast. Featuring highly-acclaimed actors like Bale, Sir Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman, it appears that the acting will be carried out very, very well. I’m also interested to see how Anne Hathaway fares. While I’ve noticed that she’s taken more risks in her acting career, I’d have to say none of her characters were really sly or cunning like Catwoman. For me, I think this role will be a true test of her versatility as an actress.


Directed by Rian Johnson, the science-fiction film is a futuristic look at gang culture. Set in the year 2042, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a mob hitman who assassinates targets that arrive from the future of 2072.  While it’s just a job for the mobster, all is well until he receives a new target:  himself from the future.

Also starring Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, the film is set to come out on September 28.

Since time travel, action and loud explosions have always fascinated me, I am pumped to see this movie! But other than that, JGL is looking particularly buff for this role. Having made good career choices in 500 Days of Summer, Inception and 50/50, it will definitely be interesting to see him kicking his own ass from the future.


Looking at these two films, I’ve noticed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in both. He really is making some great career choices. However, I really wish he would watch what he said about pretty girls not being funny. At least he has tried to take back and explain  his comments (which to me, still makes him sound a bit intense).

Oh well. We can’t expect him to be everything we’ve ever wanted. Regardless, I’m shocked that someone like him would even say something like that.


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