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Charlie Tahan may only just be 15-years-old. But having worked with stars like Will Smith in I Am Legend and Natalie Portman in The Other Woman, the teen already boasts a very impressive résumé.

Most known as Zac Efron’s little brother in Charlie St. Cloud,  Tahan now enters into his first voice role starring in Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.

Chatting with andPOP, Tahan shared some of his experiences on set and talked more about his character, Victor Frankenstein.

Tim Burton is known to make some dark films. What makes Frankenweenie appealing to everyone?

Yeah, he makes some dark films but there is always more to his movies.  Some people might think at first that Frankenweenie would be really dark too because it is sort of has themes about death, and monsters and stuff. But what it is really about… it is mostly a story about a boy and his dog, and how much they love each other.   And that is appealing to almost everyone, kids and adults.

Did you find yourself relating to Victor Frankenstein? How so?

I related to Victor, sure. I mean, he likes to do his own thing and he is pretty independent about lots of things. He doesn’t seem to care too much about what other people think, he just does what he loves to do. I am like that in a lot of ways. And I have a dog, so I could understand how much he loved Sparky.

Frankenweenie is your first voice role. How does it differ from live-action films?

It was so different – in a lot of ways it was easier, I guess. I didn’t have to go through hair and makeup, or do wardrobe fittings. I actually wore my pajamas to some of the recording sessions. The thing that was really new for me, was working in the sound booth alone – not really having another actor in there to react to. Sometimes I used a stuffed animal version of “Sparky” to talk to. It was a lot more laid-back than on-camera work.

Watch the trailer here:


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