A list of things I did in 2012

I know I’ve neglected this blog for ages, but since my homework  hasn’t piled up just yet, I felt inspired to write a list of some of the things I accomplished in the year 2012.

This was the year where I learned what I was truly interested in. I like a lot of things, but nothing felt as beautiful as seeing a really good film.

Of course a lot of work dealt with movies and reviews this year, but there were many milestones that I made in my journalism career.  Therefore, here is a timeline of what I accomplished last year.

The Ryerson Free Press

I started reviewing movies for the Ryerson Free Press, one of three student papers at my school. While I admit the system was not amazing, the work paid and I enjoyed covering film festivals, the Oscars and writing miscellaneous movie reviews for the publication. The only issue I had was the articles were not well-edited. I know I should double check my articles, but I would find some errors in the articles…which is a clear indication that little editing went into the process.


I am particularly proud to have been accepted as a writer/movie reviewer for Exclaim!.  Of course, I was not an amazing reviewer. But somehow getting in to one of Canada’s most-widely-read arts magazines seemed special.  I got free DVDs, got to hone my writing and managed to get a clipping out of each review I wrote.

But as someone who accepts criticism, I died a little inside when someone told me I sounded like “a 12 year old on her period” for a review I did on The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  It’s not my fault that movie was weird and improbable. Seriously, it was just not a winner.


I spent ages trying to pitch a feature  I wrote for class to publications around Toronto. But after spending months trying, blogTO finally got back to me.

The feature I wrote was a place profile on A&C World, a video gaming zone for local gamers to hang out and play video games for just $5.  While there was nothing wrong with the article, a lot of people started making fun of the type of people who frequented the place. I feel bad, because I met some very friendly people at A&C World. You can’t judge a book by its cover, and I wish people followed this phrase a bit more.

However, if you were talking about library books, I’d rather not. After the bed bugs fiasco and catching nasty food bits in my books, I AM NEVER GOING BACK.


I give all my thanks to a friend of mine for referring me to this job. Because now, I spend every Saturday clicking through cat videos, watching random home videos and writing pop culture blog posts with my really bad sense of humour.

This opportunity has also led me to write reviews and interview some talent. Some highlights include reviewing The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Frankenweenie and interviewing people like Rich Moore, Charlie Tahan and Jodi Balfour!

Interviewing/Meeting Ed Sheeran!

To be fair, I entered a fan contest to have Skype interview with Ed Sheeran, a British singer-songwriter. This dude is an adorable ginger who just so happens to be friends with Rupert Grint, One Direction and Rizzle Kicks. I have no idea how I won this because my questions were not AMAZING, but I am forever grateful that I did.  Thanks MyMusic!!!

And because we were all in Toronto, I also got to meet him backstage…so that was probably the best day of my life. LIKE EVER. I got not one HUG. BUT TWO!!

me and ed 3


As much as I love TV, I made one of the best decisions of my life by choosing to take a radio reporting class. Not only did I improve my writing, I also improved my on-air performance. I used to be extremely awkward.

But now, I am only just awkward…

On another note, this class made me fall in love with podcasts and led me to start my own radio show. Thursdays at 12 pm on SpiritLive!!

And lastly, I made a couple of videos (some awkward) for you to watch at your heart’s content!!


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