Reflecting on the past.

Like all students, I was procrastinating on my homework when I decided to watch an embarrassing video I made in Grade 8.

To say the least, I’m honestly quite glad at how far I’ve come from the person I was seven years ago. (I mean seriously, the song choice for the video was pretty horrendous if I say so myself…)

 I had an honest conversation with an old friend from elementary school the other day which really opened my eyes on how much we’ve all changed. For him, I was always too good to do anything “bad.” But what exactly does this mean? 

I remember in Grade 8 that I was incredibly by the book.  I vowed to get straight A’s, get a good career, never drink or do drugs, only listen to rock music and DATE AFTER UNIVERSITY.  I was a pretty strange child.

I’m glad to this day that I never stuck behind those rules (except the career part) because I don’t think I would have gone very far.  Life is supposed to be about learning, experimenting and making mistakes.  Following those rules would have led me to a boring, unfulfilled life.

I suppose those rules were a sign of my naivety. In many ways, I am still very much like a child.

We can make our own judgement on the different paths people have chosen for their lives, but there’s no denying that the teen years are the toughest. As teenagers, we are easily influenced by the people we hang out with to change the way we look, act and pursue things. This of course, could be either a godsend or the a turn for the worst.

But just because someone’s life has turned out to be something you don’t approve of, I’ve realized that trying to help them out of their “so-called predicament” would be kind of unfair.

Whatever people choose to pursue in their lives is their own choice even if they will lose friends and loved ones for it. Nobody can force you to change it.  I think everyone has been put on Earth for a reason.

That’s what I think I’ve learned from all of this. Seven years ago, I thought it would be best if people followed the way that I wanted to lead my life. Not only was this selfish of me, but it was also hypocritical.

I can say that I’ve probably broken every single rule that I had set out for myself because life isn’t easy.  Having a good life takes a lot of work and screwing up is what shapes you as a person.  I’m just glad I have a wonderful support system of family, friends and mentors that have guided me along the way.

I don’t regret breaking any of my rules. In fact, I’d say that breaking them helped me become who I am today.

I don’t know if any of this makes sense. It’s just interesting to see how we’ve all matured into young adults.


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