The First Date

I recently had to film a short film sequence for a TV Production class. My crew (aka some of my best gal friends in class), decided to go for a super corny story in which a clueless woman does not know what to wear on a first date.

Knowing me and how likely I am to be awkward and quirky on camera, my friends chose me to play the main character with one of my friend’s guy friends playing my date.

The whole production took about five to six hours to shoot, and it was a blast. Editing however, was not so much.

Editing is always annoying, but the end result is almost always rewarding. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent listening to this piece over and over again to get the audio right. And can I mention how long it took us to figure out the song choices?!

Alas, all was well. I’m quite proud of this piece of work. Shout out to the whole crew Arti, Jenn, Elisheva and honourable member Julian!!


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