Published on 24 Hrs.

24 hrs clipping

Today I got published in a national newspaper.

While I’m not entirely sure if everyone reads this publication or just takes one because it’s free and there’s a crossword puzzle on the back, my byline and (awkwardly positioned) face will be seen by an average of 375,000 readers today.

(That number by the way, is not my estimation…but the publication’s.)

The reason why I covered this event was because I needed an article to write for one my classes. It had to be either lifestyle, politics or health and science.  On a last minute decision, I chose to cover an event that fit the bill because I was EXTREMELY short on time. Luckily, this was right up my alley.

I particularly enjoyed this event because I’ve been noticing how high the prices have gotten at local Goodwills, Salvation Armies and Value Villages.  In addition, I’m not such a big fan of thrift store chains like Value Village making a profit out of one’s donated goods. The Toronto Really Really Free Market however, provides an alternative to this type of consumerism.

Have things you don’t need anymore? Then take these items to this monthly market at Campbell Park. It’s fun, environmentally friendly, thrifty and builds community.

Now that’s the type of frugal  shopping I can approve of.


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