Concert Recap: Vampire Weekend


Last night, I got to see one of my favourite bands since high school.

Vampire Weekend–with their indie pop, afrobeat, synthpop tunes–have certainly helped me get through some rough times by providing me with music that continuously makes me feel happy.

good 2

It was a particularly nice break from a rather stressful and frustrating year. From internship rejections, driving test failures, bad parking practices and lack of a summer day job, jamming out to Vampire Weekend was exactly what I needed.

The band played at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, which is a strange venue because there were arranged seats as opposed to the band’s usual general admission tickets.

But while that was a bit of a downside to why I couldn’t mosh and dance as much, the band did not disappoint. They played all my favourites from “A-Punk”, “Unbelievers”, “Everlasting Arms,” “Oxford Comma”, “Diplomat’s Son” to “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.”

good 4

Everything about the show was almost perfect. The only things I would change would be to have a more intimate venue (or at least general admission) and more connection/banter with the band because they barely said anything to the audience. They just played.

But while those are minor details, the thing I would most definitely change is the smell of stinky feet wafting next to me.

No one likes to be a killjoy. Remember to air out those feet and shoes after a long day!

good 3

On another note, I’ve been obsessed with Vampire Weekend’s latest album Modern Vampires  of the City. The album was released earlier this week and has since earned impressive ratings from RollingStone, Pitchfork and Spin Magazine.

While I never really take reviews seriously, I have to agree. I haven’t really heard an album this good in a while. But then again, I might just be a little biased.

Here are two songs I recommend:


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