A collection of thoughts: The Fault in Our Stars

This is not going to be a formal review, but I felt it was appropriate to write something about this novel.

Last night, I stayed up late to finish reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. I wasn’t sure what to think before reading the novel because I feared the hype was going to lessen how wonderful everyone was saying it was.

Although I’m still collecting my thoughts about the book, I can say this. It’s a beautiful story.

While I’m not a superfan of poetry (and yes, this book includes a lot of it), the quotes, the themes and the story itself just felt so compelling to me.

Now I haven’t really experienced the pain of a losing loved one, but this was a fabulous romance that ACTUALLY felt real. It was not a romanticized Nicholas Sparks novel and it didn’t feel as cliche as I thought it would be.  Here were two characters-through sickness and their limited days- caring and loving for each other through the rough of it all.

Now isn’t that what true love is all about? No walk on the beach or fancy dinner at a restaurant can ever be more romantic than that.

But since I can’t speak much on this front, what I really got out of the book was how important life is. I realize that not a lot of people truly realize just how important and lucky we all are to be put on this Earth. Many of us look at ourselves with our first world problems and wish life could get better.  Why are we here?  What mark will we leave?

At the end of the day, it’s all on us.  We choose our own paths. But even if we feel that we haven’t left our mark, we have. While we may not be loved by many, there will always be the few who have loved us unconditionally.

I think for me, I tend to forget this. Green’s book has sort of shown me the importance of this when the odds of his characters’ lives aren’t working in their favour. But even so, that doesn’t stop them from love, friendship and having a life.

It’s been a while since a book has made me feel this way. I think I should read more John Green.


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