An uneventful summer

I’ve spent a lot of my summer moping around.

Moping around because I can’t seem to find something worthwhile to accomplish.

It’s not like I haven’t tried. In fact, I have tried quite a few times to succeed in the things I have wanted to do but have ended up nowhere.

I put my hopes into a film program that I really wanted, but got rejected. Mind you, it was the nicest most encouraging rejection I have ever received, but it still made me feel like a failure.

The only silver lining to this summer is the fact that I managed to get published in a national paper and that I saw my favourite band Vampire Weekend live for the first time.

That being said, all of that stuff is done with and now I am still wondering what I should do.

I’ve been contemplating about taking a class that will give me an edge over other people. It’s between Mandarin classes, comedy writing and improv (just to get my confidence levels up).

Mandarin classes will give me an edge as I will know a fourth language (the ones I know being English, Cantonese and French).  I’m semi-fluent in French, but it takes me a while to actually get my words out in full sentences. I’ve been watching a couple of videos in Mandarin on YouTube to learn a few phrases. Maybe I can keep this up.

Comedy writing on the other hand, will help me flesh out my idea for a film. I have an idea that I know is unique, funny and relatable but I think changes need to be made in the format to actually make it work.  If I take comedy writing, perhaps I can get some insight on developing a script.

Then there’s improv, which I have always enjoyed because life itself is improvised.  I do miss drama classes and I feel like I need a pick-me-up to get some of my confidence back. I consider myself a pretty introverted person who would rather observe than to jump into something that’s out of my comfort zone. If I do improv, maybe I can be braver and perhaps even make someone laugh.

So far, improv is winning as the classes are within my price range and the dates fit my schedule quite perfectly. Now I’ll just need to cop out the dollars and see if it’s a proper investment.


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