Summer goals: Toastmasters

On the outside I may look like a confident person.  But when it comes to job interviews, presenting things and speaking in front of a camera, I always start to tense up.

Since my summer has not been particularly ideal, I’ve decided to break out of my shell and find as many opportunities as I possibly can.

Through a recommendation from my friend Mauro, I’ve decided to join Toastmasters to curb my shyness.

Of course I will be joining my university’s chapter, but today I attended a meeting from another club that’s situated between the Financial and Entertainment Districts in Downtown Toronto.

Going in, I immediately felt out of place. Everyone seemed much older than I was and they were all clearly in business or law. (I’m pretty sure I was the only student.)

But that being said, everyone was very welcoming and encouraging. After all, these people all joined Toastmasters to be more confident, right?!

Each Toastmasters session includes a greeting, a welcoming speech, a word of the day, three prepared speeches and evaluations along with something called table topics (which are impromptu one minute responses).

Of course being in a new environment, I didn’t speak much. But seeing the progress made from those who attempted to speak today, I’ve decided to try and push myself a bit more.

This meeting I attended today was a bit too formal for my liking given my age.  Perhaps Ryerson’s chapter will be much better for me.

Next stop: trying out some improv and comedy writing classes at Second City!!


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