How to Stay Grounded: Reading Your Diary

If award-winning actors can move on from the embarrassing roles they’ve played, then I can certainly live with the shameful diary entries I’ve written in the past.

Believe it or not, I’ve kept the same diary since Grade 3. While this fact may seem a bit ironic for someone who enjoys writing, one must know that I have always preferred to do the bulk of my journals on the internet (for better or for worse).

Today I flipped through this diary to read what I’ve written since 2001 to the year 2008. While most of them chronicled my cringe-inducing adventures and opinions ranging from boys, petty fights with friends and the time I dressed as a pioneer at school, one particular list I wrote when I was 16 really made me bow my head in embarrassment.

2013-07-24 13.48.56-1

For those of you who want to know the context of this, it’s a list I made when I had a crush on one of my friend’s friends.

At this point in my life, I had only met him a few times…but I was sure he had already forgotten who I was. Alas, this list was born…and I decided that I needed to follow it in order for things to work out when I encountered him again.

The List
1. Keep Cool

2. Be myself

3. Don’t Act Hyper

4. Don’t Be Overexcited

5. Be funny

6. Be Nice and Sweet

7. Be Cute

8. Become friends on Facebook

9. Add him on MSN

10. Talk to him

11. Hang out with him

Clearly, this advice didn’t work out very well as nothing really came out of it. But if one thing’s for sure, I still overthink as much as I did in the past.

My friend told me that #10 should have been put at the top, and I totally agree. In fact, it should be the ONLY thing on the list and nothing else. If someone I fancy can’t accept my quirks, then he’s probably not good enough for me.

Reading things you’ve written may bring back bad memories but I see it as a way to help me stay grounded. Because if Zac Efron can move on from High School Musical 2 to work with Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey, then I can most certainly grow and get to know better people who enjoy my company.

And for good measure,


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