Alberta Day 1: Calgary


If any of you have been keeping up, I am currently in Edmonton, Alberta visiting my sister.

I technically arrived to the province on August 16th, but didn’t do much as I had to wake up early in the morning to catch a Greyhound bus to Calgary.

Like a first world problem, the four hour drive to Calgary was quite boring with nothing to see but roads, roads and more roads. Thankfully enough, the bus had Wi-Fi and I managed to catch some ZzzZzzzs.

When we arrived to Calgary, I was greeted by my great aunt and great uncles. Having not met them before (or maybe briefly when I was a baby), I loved them immediately. They are incredibly adorable, cheerful and active for their ages.

I was prepared coming to Alberta that my vacation was going to be very gluttonous. Shortly after my sister and I arrived, my relatives took us to a Chinese buffet that served dim sum, dumplings and various dishes of stir fry.

We obviously needed to walk off our meal so we decided to explore the lookout overseeing downtown Calgary. The view was absolutely breathtaking.


Calgary is obviously smaller than Toronto, but I’ve noticed that the culture here is still rather vibrant. Chinatown may be small, but there are a few dedicated elderly women who sell goods out on the street.


We then explored Stephen Avenue and I particularly enjoyed this statue.


I also thought these structures were rather neat. These steel “trees” were designed to reduce wind gusts between buildings.


 While we didn’t do much that day, it was nice to spend time with some family. Like I said before, our day was incredibly gluttonous. For dessert that day, we had some sugar-coated fruit fritters.

P1110041 P1110038

Living in Canada, it’s so easy to forget how beautiful this country actually is. Traveling to different parts of the world really puts this back in perspective


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