TIFF 2013 Day 4 (Part Two): Rush


The theme of Sunday was “chance” and it was exactly this that got us into the premiere screening of Ron Howard’s Rush. 

I was already satisfied with the premiere of Gravity in which Chris Hadfield even made an appearance on stage to answer a question. Charming as can be, he said he would love to fly with Sandra Bullock if he goes to space again.

As we were leaving the Princess of Wales I rushed over to Roy Thomson just to see if I could get a glimpse of Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl, stars of Rush. What I saw instead, was a frenzy of screaming fans. But lo and behold, the screaming wasn’t for any of the stars. It was for Liam Hemsworth, who decided to make an appearance to support his big brother.

The moment was so fast I couldn’t snap a picture fast enough. As he quickly waved and smiled to his adoring (and SCREAMING) fans, my phone start ringing right before I turned on my camera. As I answered the call, it was my friend calling to tell me she just got an extra ticket to Rush. And thus, we were off to see another film.

Rush is based on the true story of Austrian Formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and his rivalry with James Hunt, a British champion driver in his own right. Exciting and dramatic, the film also chronicles the 1976 crash that almost claimed Lauda’s life. Making the film and story all the more inspiring, it depicts Lauda’s return to racing as he tries to defeat his rival Hunt.


I knew I was intrigued by the trailer but I was in no hurry to see the movie as it comes out on September 27th. But now that I’ve seen it, I highly recommend it. The story is more than just a racing film. The movie actually has depth and the depiction of  Lauda and Hunt’s relationship is a compassionate tale that goes beyond jealousy and the urge to win.

Brühl is incredibly good as the cold yet determined Niki Lauda. Seeing him in only The Fifth Estate and Inglorious Bastards, I am sure this role will get him noticed for future projects.

However, the surprise here was Hemsworth, trading his Thor hammer for a steering wheel. In this role, he wears the same golden locks as James Hunt and is incredibly charming playing the confident and cheeky womanizer Hunt was known to be.

P1110445 The great surprise of the premiere came right after the film when the real Niki Lauda came on stage to answer a few questions. It was amazing to see him in person and it was incredibly awe-inspiring after watching a film based on his life. 


I personally thought it was especially cute when he embraced Daniel Brühl for a picture!


Overall, Sunday was the best day of movie-watching at TIFF. Stay tuned for my screening for the highly-anticipated August: Osage County!


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