TIFF 2013: Cold Eyes


I am officially a terrible person.

I feel as if I am always apologizing about why I never update this thing anymore. So without further ado, here’s a recap of what happened…almost two months ago.

I was volunteering during the gala screening for a South Korean flick called Cold Eyes.  It’s an action crime-thriller starring big Korean names such as Hyo-ju Han, Woo-sung Jung and 2AM singer Jun-Ho Lee.

Big isn’t what I would describe the latter. The fans that went to brave the chilly air j was absolute pandemonium. We had to call extra volunteers up to push the barricades and even then, the fans wouldn’t stop pushing and screaming.

That being said, I loved every second of it. The stars were incredibly charming despite the language barrier.  They came 45 minutes earlier than expected and gave as much time as they could for their fans with photos, high- fives and lots and lots of signatures.

I even managed to get 95 retweets and a bunch of @mentions on Twitter because I saw Lee Jun-Ho…which apparently makes me really lucky. If I could compare him to anyone, he would probably be just as popular as Justin Bieber and/or One Direction.  The girls LOVED him that much.

But enough about the red carpet. The movie was GREAT.  After my shift, I was allowed into the theatre to catch the screening. I don’t usually watch cop thrillers but Cold Eyes was quite impressive.  It’s about a high-tech police surveillance team that tries to take down a gang of dangerous bank robbers.

The cinematography was magnificent through-out and the car chases–fantastic. I also thought it was a bit gory at parts, but I’ve definitely seen much worse, not to mention more realistic (*cough* 12 Years a Slave*). And despite the language and the different ethnicity of the characters, I definitely thought the suspenseful and exciting plot had the makings of a true Hollywood film. If I could compare it to anything, it would probably be something like the Bourne series starring Matt Damon.

Making it a tradition for me to see at least one foreign film a year, this would be it.  I really wish people wouldn’t be so deterred from watching movies in another language because they might just be opened to a new perspective. Honestly, it was such a breath of fresh air to see some Asian people on the screen because we hardly get enough of that in Hollywood!

So would I recommend Cold Eyes? Yes, because it’s badass and awesome.  Sorry if my general review was rather vague, but it really was a while ago that I saw this film (*oops*).  Do try and find it somewhere though because I’m not sure where it’ll be playing in North America!


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