What Some People of Ford Nation Are Missing


If any of you have been following the news, you might have noticed that my home city of Toronto and its mayor Rob Ford have become the laughing stock of international news.

But for those of you living under a rock, my mayor admitted this week that he had smoked crack cocaine about a year ago. Blaming it as one of his “drunken stupors,” Ford’s excuse was that reporters were not asking the “correct questions.”

I’m just going to say right out that that was not true. But that’s besides the point. Having been scrolling through Twitter and my Facebook feed, people don’t seem to be getting why Ford admitting to his drug use was such a big deal. Rather, they felt that “people needed to mind their own business” and that Ford was still doing a good job with the city’s money.

While I can sort of agree with the latter (not by a lot, to be honest), people seem to be missing the point as to why the mayor should be taken out of office. It’s not just that he smoked crack-cocaine that makes council and the public incredibly worried about Toronto’s state. It’s the fact that he, the MAYOR of TORONTO, constantly lied about his drug use.

His denial has ultimately embarrassed the city of Toronto. How can we, the constituents, trust a mayor who has lied to us in front of our faces? His credibility is gone. If he can’t tell us the truth right away (and let me say, that apology was way too late), how we can expect him to run our city?

And let me say that this wasn’t the first time Mayor Rob Ford has lied to us. Remember a year ago…how the courts found that he violated the Ontario Municipal Conflict of Interest Act by using city letterhead and council resources to fundraise for his football foundation? And yet, he was vindicated and put back in office? How could we also trust him after that?

And should I mention his other shady dealings that have reached the public eye? How about his connections with alleged drug dealer such as Alexander Sandro Lisi?  Or the fact that this violent rant got out in the public today? Certainly this was not the man Toronto expected to vote in.

In my opinion, Toronto seems to be enabling the mayor by giving him such privileges. In fact, some of his dealings would have already warranted an arrest.

And yet, Rob Ford is still in office as the mayor, not resigning and still trying to stop the gravy train. He has no plans to resign, of course.  It’s because he’s already been let go so many times that he’s too proud to do so.


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