Childish Gambino Has a Listening Party in Toronto


If you’re a Torontonian, you might have heard that actor/rapper Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino was in town last Monday to promote his album “Because the Internet.’

But instead of making various stops to do interviews on talkshows, Glover took an interactive approach by hosting a listening party of his new album at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

This was one of a couple spontaneous events the rapper has hosted. Having had a listening party at New York’s Washington Square Park, Glover realized how much he enjoyed holding impromptu events that he decided to come to other cities, Toronto being one of them.

Despite having an essay due the next week, I was quick to call up my friend to come with me to see Glover. We had attended his concert the summer before, and were extremely excited to hear what he was up to.

Clearly the news was spreading quickly. Because when we arrived, hundreds were already swarming the park. But for some reason, many of the fans decided to go to the dog park as there was a stage there. To me, that was kind of a silly idea…but that’s not my problem as we were directed to the right direction!


Despite the massive crowd, I managed to be about two rows away from Glover. I thought it was hilarious because as his new songs started playing, he just sat down and read Kierkegaard (He would later say, “Kierkegaard…he’s the n*gga!”). And to top it all off, he also lit up a joint and relaxed while fans crowded around him and creeped closer and closer. It almost felt voyeuristic.

2013-10-28 17.20.22

That being said, “Because the Internet” sounds extremely promising. So far, my favourite tracks are “3005” and “WorldStar.” I don’t actually know what the other titles are, but I know I’ll probably be having the album playing on loop when it comes out December 10.

I’m also currently obsessed with the song ‘Bed Peace’, his collaboration with Jhené Aiko. I don’t think that’s going to be on the new album but their song ‘Pink Toes’ will be!


Other cool things that happened:

– When someone asked if Toronto was treating him right, Gambino said,”Yeah, Toronto always treats me right!”

-Explanation behind ‘Roscoe’s Wetsuit”, the mysterious code name he’s been retweeting for the past couple of weeks (well, not really).  As Glover only offers, “You guys will see,”

– He also tells his fans to learn how to code. He even does a cute handshake with a fan.

– As he left, he was heading towards my direction. People started shoving me to get close to him. As a result I knocked into the rapper himself and touched his suede coat. I felt like a really rude person…and I wanted to apologize. I just wish fans weren’t so pushy because I also lost my lens cap in the middle of that chaos. That being said, I DID touch his coat…

But all in all, I really enjoyed the listening party. I wish more musicians did this more often as it’s cheap, DIY and allows the fans to have an actual conversation with the artist.

P.S.  My tweet was also featured in this article. I feel so important.

Also, if you want to read an amazing interview with him, you NEED to click here..


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