Yet Another Movie Misrepresenting Chinese people…

A movie that promotes anti-Chinese fear-mongering? Sounds like an Oscar favourite… *sarcasm*

I couldn’t really believe my ears or eyes when I watched this trailer for an upcoming indie film called “Dragon Day.” Directed by Jeffrey Travis, the movie surrounds an out-of-work NSA engineer who finds his family stuck in a small mountain town the day a tragic cyber-attack destroys the United States. But get this. Every microchip with the words “Made in China” has been infected with a virus that instantly shuts down all modern technology. So as he tries to fit for his life to save humanity, it’s clear the Chinese are the biggest culprits here…

Seeing that Asian people don’t already have a great representation in the media, this movie just makes it worse. Blatant yellow fever racism right here… *sigh*


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