The year 2013

Happy belated Christmas!

If this blog and its posts was any indication of how depressed I was feeling this year, then I hope that 2014 brings much more joy.

While it’s obvious things could have been better, at least it wasn’t the end of my world. From all the screw ups, disappointments and personal failures, I am actually thankful for many things.

Here they are:

1. I got an internship out of town. Turns out I’ll be doing more than I expected.

2. I didn’t lose power during the massive ice storm in 2013.

3. I have mustered up the courage to speak to my crush…even if that still needs more work

4. I took a trip on my own to visit my sister and my relatives

5. I got a lot closer to people I would have never imagined

6. Got to see my favorite band Vampire Weekend play

7. Got to see 11 movies at TIFF this year and even saw Daniel Radcliffe.

8. I managed to help create a documentary this year with a great group of people.

9. My mini doc on the men’s rights movement has also gained over 2000 hits on YouTube and is still counting.

10. Got to experience the craziness of a moshpit

11. Met many new friends.

12. Got straight A’s this semester

13. Managed to get a 90 on an essay I didn’t spend much time on

14. Read a ton of memoirs and managed to learn quite a bit. Comedians also have the best advice!!

15. Experienced my first album listening party hosted by a famous person… Childish Gambino

16. My tweet/photo was also featured in an article

17. Justin Bieber retweeted me and my post

18. I was published in a national newspaper.

19. My broadcast feature on student entrepreneurs that got a 95 percent

20. I got a tour of the CBC

21. Finally read a book that was relatable to me and my culture (I highly recommend American Born Chinese)

22. Got three pairs of pants for under 40 dollars…I think that is a good deal

23. My parents for always supporting me even if they get annoying

24. My sister for doing the same even if I think people are more interested about her studies than mine. She does put lotion on my back…after all!

25. Bao aka Kaitlin…the cutest toddler in the world. She is so naughty but she loves to play and loves to play with me.

26. My extended family…who I don’t get to see all the time. 21 cousins = lots of love.

27. Getting better at expressing my opinions…because this is a step to making me a more confident person. Thanks Toastmasters.

28. Rejection…because it makes me stronger

29. ANDPOP…for being an amazing job

30. Tutoring… Because it helps me interact with kids and become a better leader

31. Eeyore…for providing comfort

32. RUtv News, for giving me a bigger network to collaborate with other people

33. Childish Gambino…for making me feel okay for being a little sad sometimes. Ironically, he is smiling in this picture.

34. Drake…for providing me with hometown pride

35. Beyonce…for releasing a surprise album that is undeniably feminist

36. Suey Park..for speaking out on Asian-American issues with a feminist perspective

37. One Direction…for providing so much joy.

38. Parks and Recreation…for still being on air

39. Benedict Cumberbatch and Ryan Gosling…for being so handsome and talented.

40. Bestie adventures because they are always amazing. Also friend adventures because those are also memorable.

bestie adventures


41. Vampire Weekend…because listening to them gives me a lot of happiness

42. For exercise…you are a love/hate relationship even though you keep me sane

43. For great aunts and uncles…for loving me unconditionally even before I met you

44. Movies because they just know what to do to help kill time

45. Contests…because I’ve won some awesome prizes this year

46. Tumblr…even though I think that website makes me lose a bit of faith in humanity

47. Rush lines…because I would have never got to see Gravity if I hadn’t waited for four hours

48. The Origami…for making me realize that a small. Friend friend online publication can allow me to be more flexible in my mini documentaries

49. Yo is this Racist? Podcast for teaching me that there’s a lot to be angry about…and for good reason.

50. To all of you…who read my blog and got through this post without falling asleep


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