My Six Week Adventure Begins Now

While it seems that I don’t regularly post on this blog, I’d like to say that I haven’t forgotten any of you!

To update you on my life, I’m currently in Edmonton for the next six (or five and a half) weeks on an internship with CBC News.

It’s been one of my goals to intern with CBC since my first year and so far things have been good…albeit a bit slow. I’m still getting used to new programs like the audio-editing software Dalet and pitching stories on the regular in board meetings. I’m also a little rusty on iNews, but that’s only because there are a lot more sub-folders to get through.

I’m sure all of that thrills you, so I’ll just get to the important stuff.

I arrived in Alberta on January 3rd, well ahead of the freezing cold temperatures of -32 on the weekend. I didn’t really leave the house and I spent the days watching Sherlock and blogging for my other job back home, ANDPOP.

On Monday, I explored Whyte Avenue on my own. And while most things weren’t open at the time, I enjoyed a delicious crab cake sandwich and gumbo from Dadeo’s. a New Orleans-style diner and bar.

2014-01-06 13.07.06

That being said, most of my peers had already begun their internships on Monday…which made me extremely restless as I was starting the next day.

But unfortunately for me, my first day was incredibly slow. I was supposed to start training, but it was postponed due to many people being out sick with the flu. But despite that, everyone seemed very welcoming and I was introduced to and greeted by a lot of friendly faces.

The second day was much busier as I got to chase down two interviews. While one was successful (and the other, not really…), I was also asked to go out and do some streeter interviews (asking random people on the street questions).
2014-01-08 13.18.38

Today however, was where I contributed the most. I managed to book an interview with Robin Mazumder, an occupational therapist who has an initiative to install solar lamps at the public library to help battle the winter blues. For that, I provided the pre-interview, questions and script (while it was tweaked by a senior journalist.) The good thing about this was that he said it was “very good” for my first time…which made me quite proud to be honest!

That interview will be playing on Edmonton AM at 7:35 am (Standard Time Zone) if you’re interested.

Editing scripts!

Editing scripts!

Writing scripts on iNews!

Writing scripts on iNews!

And so, that’s basically my first three days at CBC. Hopefully things move MUCH faster. Right now, I’m working with the radio shows Edmonton AM and RadioActive for the next two weeks. Then I’ll be in television news for the following two weeks and Digital during my last two weeks.

Will update you soon!


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