Discovering a love for radio…and keeping up with it

During my internship, I discovered my love for radio.

Sure, I took a radio reporting class in third year, but never did I think of it as something I would pursue. For me, it was always going to be about TV, whether it was reporting the news, producing it or making documentaries.

But as I started off my internship at current affairs shows like EdmontonAM and Radio Active, I found myself enjoying the whole process of pre-interviewing guests, writing scripts and scheduling people to come in. Hell, I even enjoyed collecting tape!

Producing for the radio allowed me to improve my writing and interview skills immensely. And for that reason, I was even able to produce seven interviews that eventually did go on air!

So as I came back to school for my final six weeks at my university’s publication The Ryersonian, I was quick to jump at the opportunity for a podcast with my friends Elisheva Baer and Alexa Huffman. Together, we produce a show called Fridays Live each week featuring two Canadian artists that will come in for a Q&A session and live performance.

So far, I’ve interviewed some very talented and hard-working people. I’m also loving how I can improve my conversational skills and my ability to ask better questions. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m having a lot of fun.

I really hope I can continue on with this after school ends.

Take a listen:

I’m starting to get the feeling that I should probably get better at naming my blog posts. Titling things have always been my weakness, but I guess there’s always room for improvement!


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