The Little Victories


As I am about to graduate and leave my life as a student, bare with me as I get a bit sentimental.

My undergraduate career officially ends this year, and when people ask me what I’m doing for the summer, it’s become pretty hard to answer that question because I’m not entirely sure.

I have grown up as a millennial, and being uncertain about my job prospects is all I’ve ever known. And from all the articles and op-eds complaining about how horrible and lazy my generation is, it’s obvious that there is a clear divide between us and boomers who had an easier time finding a job back in the day.

But I’d like to make it about ME for a second. After all, I am part of the “ME ME ME Generation.” I have worked damn hard to get to where I am.  And despite a summer of moping around with a lack of employment and no romantic prospects, it’s time to be positive of all the little victories I’ve achieved.

The biggest achievement of mine this year is getting out of my funk and depression. You’ve probably heard a countless number of times that I’ve been rejected from multiple internships, failed my driving test a couple of times and failed to score a scholarship I thought I really wanted.

But not getting any of these motivated me to get better. And to this day, I’m still working on it.

This year, I transferred all my negative energy into focusing on projects I was passionate about. And having been interested in gender issues since my third year of university, a short documentary I made on the men’s rights movement became my baby.

I spent a month and a half working on the piece from chasing interviews, attending a conference to covering a rally/protest. My piece warranted a lot of praise and criticism, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was the most rewarding piece of journalism I’ve ever done. And the hard work paid off. It was voted Best Senior TV Piece by journalism students and currently has over 2900 hits on YouTube.

In addition to this, I achieved my goals of going on-air at major news station. Never would I have achieved this so quickly as a student in Toronto. But given the opportunity at a smaller newsroom, I was able to report my own stories that appeared on television and radio during my internship.

But as the summer nears, these achievements are things that only push me to work even harder. I call them the little victories, and it’s obvious that they are just stepping stones to my end goal…whatever that may be.

Whether I’m making documentaries, blogging for a website or reporting the news, I hope these things continue to motivate me.

I hope this passion and drive never leaves me. And I know that one day, I will get to my full potential if I just keep at it.

/sentimental rant over


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