On Graduating And Finding A Purpose

Since it has probably been at least two months since I last posted, I should probably inform the few readers this blog has about what I’ve been doing since.

First of all, I am now a university graduate.

Second of all, the transition of not being a student anymore is REALLY sinking in.

Having been a student for 18 years, it has been tough for me to figure out what I want to do.

Actually, that’s a lie.

I KNOW I want to be a journalist. There just aren’t many available positions.

In an industry where job cuts keep increasing and publications keep shutting down, it has been pretty difficult to enter into the business when it seems to be going into flames.

With few openings, a competitive field of recent graduates and young journalists fighting for the same jobs, it’s getting to the point where it feels as if there are way too many of us to get hired.

Sometimes I look at postings and I live in constant feat that I haven’t done enough. Should I have written more? Should I have made more cold calls? Did I not try hard enough to network with other people? Why weren’t there that many TV opportunities?

It’s hard to move forward when you’re dwelling on the past.

I am in a lucky position in which I have a job, but not one that I am in love with and helps pay enough of the bills. I am also grateful that I am still living at home.

Having felt down and depressed about the lack of job opportunities and callbacks, I have tried getting back in my groove.

I have freelanced a couple of pieces for local publications. An article that I’m particularly proud of is this one about what it’s like to work as a naked sushi model.

But the most interesting happenstance of all, is volunteering for Rogers TV – which is never boring but always an awkward experience.

One of the shows I work for, is a program called Sex @ 11. To my knowledge, the show is one of the channel’s most successful, now on its 7th season.

In case it wasn’t obvious to you, the show is well..about sex. But while being a studio volunteer involves helping out behind the scenes for the show, my task is to answer phone calls from guests who want to ask the host questions about their relationships and sex lives.

Of course this is not an ideal situation, but there has never been a dull moment. I have been asked about everything from cheating, incompatibility, orgasms to double penetration. From the weeks I have worked on the live production, the hour-long show passes by quickly because it is always so entertaining. I would be lying if I said I didn’t learn a few things myself!

Right now, I’m taking each experience as a step to achieving my career goals. Things happen for a reason, and I’ll try to take any connection I can make to get closer to my dream of being a journalist.


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