On dealing with homesickness…and a room tour

I’ve officially moved to Regina for a few months to work as an associate producer for CBC Saskatchewan.

But while I’m excited about this opportunity, I’m feeling SO homesick that I actually had a bit of a breakdown yesterday.

I am lucky that my dad is accompanying me for a few days to help me move things and shop for necessities. But seeing that I’ve never lived away from home for periods longer than a month and a half (and even then, I was with my sister), I am REALLY starting to appreciate how great it is to live with your parents.

For those who want to move out, I would cherish that time with your parents because moving takes a lot of work – physically, emotionally and financially. Just yesterday, I spent about $200 on groceries and other miscellaneous things. On top of that, I have to learn how to cook better, do my own laundry on a regular basis and figure out the practically non-existent transit system here in Regina. (I would totally rent a car. But seeing that I am under 25 and here temporarily, I don’t think renting a vehicle is worth the very expensive insurance.)

That being said though, the biggest challenge of all has been missing Toronto because most of my friends and family are all there. Here in Regina, I have no one.

It’s probably silly of me to say this because I’ve only been here for two full days. But because there are fewer things to do here as opposed to Toronto, all I feel like doing right now is being a hermit in my room until work starts and when I find some friends.

And speaking of my room, I should probably mention that it is the nicest part of the house that I am currently residing in. Because admittedly, I think the house I’m in is very cluttered and cold. But hey, at least it’s furnished and close to work. And what’s more, the rent is also pretty cheap!

I hope things change for the better when work starts on Monday.

For those who have moved somewhere smaller for work, I TOTALLY know how you feel. And if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to send me a message or comment below. We can get through it together. Solidarity!

And with that said, here’s a low-quality and rushed room tour for those who’ve asked about what my room looks like.


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